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Downloadable files for the ZUP Series:

Product page

Instruction Manual
  File Name Date File Size
  zup_usermanual.pdf 5/10/16 1.6M
  ZUP Series User Manual (Rev O)
  zup_comtest.pdf 3/20/02 38k
  ZUP Communication Test Setup
  gp485.pdf 4/15/03 538k
  GP485 Manual (End of Life September 2016)
  zup_parallel_operation.pdf 9/28/05 19k
  Parallel operation by computer for the ZUP series


  File Name Date File Size
  zup_brochure.pdf 5/27/02 656k
  ZUP product brochure
  zup_options.pdf 6/6/02 115k
  ZUP Options (200W,400W,800W Models )

  File Name Date File Size
  zup200_rel.pdf 4/26/01 1300k
  ZUP 200 Reliability Data
  zup400_rel.pdf 4/26/01 1500k
  ZUP 400 Reliability Data
  zup800_rel.pdf 4/26/01 1700k
  ZUP 800 Reliability Data


Viewable Drawings
  File Name Date File Size
  zup_drawing.pdf 6/10/02 510k
  nl-200.pdf 10/16/00 174k


  File Name Date File Size 11/28/05 156k
  ZUP driver (for Windows 95/98/2000) and ZupControl Operation Manual.