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ZWS Series FAQ

1. Question: What are the locally available (North America) part numbers for the Molex connectors used on the ZWS30-xx, ZWS50-xx, ZWS50AF-xx, ZWS75AF-xx, ZWS100AF-xx, ZWS150AF-xx, ZWS150PAF-xx and the ZWS240PAF-xx?


Input Connector

6 position 09-50-3061

Output Connectors

4 position 09-50-3041

6 position 09-50-3061

7 position 09-50-3071

8 position 09-50-3081

Crimp Terminals

Many different types are available (finish, wire size, tape and reel, loose, etc.)

As a point of reference the part number of the tin plated, non tape and reel, capable of accepting an 18-24AWG wire size is 08-50-0105.

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