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Z+ Series

Z+ (up to 100VDC)
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Z+ (160-650VDC)
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Download more technical files

Download more technical files

Suggested Accessories

Note the IEC 60320 C15 Z-U line cord is included when the model -U suffix is ordered


200 to 800W Programmable Power Supplies

  • 2U high
  • Built-in USB, RS-232 & RS-485 Interface
  • Optional LAN, GPIB & Isolated Analog Programming
  • Bench or Rack Mount
  • Constant Current or Voltage Modes
  • Five Year Warranty

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Z+ Unpacking video

Z+ Power Up Video

Z+ Factory Reset video

Z+ Auto Safe Start video

Z+ Basic Parallel Operation video

Z+ Advanced Parallel Operation video

Z+ Lock video

Z+ Lab View GUI Interface video

Z+ Hyperterminal video

Z+ Current Foldback video

Z+ OVP, UVL, and UVP video