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Value Added Solutions

If your needs aren't met by one of our standard products, Lambda's Value Added & Custom Products Group can design your solution. Because we start with the industry's broadest line of off-the-shelf building blocks, Lambda can typically deliver modified standard prototypes in less than two weeks, and complete custom designs in 12 weeks or less. 

Lambda has 25 dedicated Design and Application Engineers to support you with fast answers to technical or business issues. 

We now have in-house safety agency certification, as well as a fully operational anechoic chamber to assist customers in system testing for the Low Voltage and EMC directives-both mandatory for CE marking. 

Lambda's stability and experience makes partnering with the Value Added & Custom Products Group a low risk proposition. You'll be dealing with an established company that will be responsive to your needs, now and in the future. 

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Modified Standard Power Supplies. In every application, time to market as well as development budget have the greatest visibility with program management. With over 1,000 standard AC-DC and DC-DC, off the shelf power supplies to choose from, why pay NRE money up-front for a custom solution and pray for it to happen months later, when Lambda can deliver to you a modified standard power supply, the way you want it, in less than two weeks?


Custom Power Supplies. For requirements that cannot be met by standard or modified standard product, Lambda, the power supply technology leader for over 50 years, will design your custom power supply for you. Whether it's AC-DC, DC-DC, 1 watt or 5000 watts, Lambda's design and support team has the experience and the resources to get the job done, on time.


Hot Plug Power Cards. With our broad line of low profile DC-DC converters, Lambda can quickly create a power card to your exact specification. Lambda's plug and play cards are designed with AC and/or DC input and are available with the industry's lowest pitch, which allows you to expand system performance without increasing size.



Power Supply Rack Assemblies. Lambda can design a rack system for almost any need. In most Industrial Test applications, our LMPS system provides cost-effective single or multiple output solutions, in less than two weeks. For high power density, hot plug and redundancy, there's Lambda's FE Rack System. If a unique footprint, input/output or specific metering are required, we can quickly create a modified rack assembly to meet your exact requirement.