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TL Series FAQ

1. Question: What type of output signal can one expect to see from the AC Fail and DC fail alarms that are accessible via the 20 pin connector located on the rear of the TLR5 rack?

Answer: In the normal state - no alarm- the opto coupler is on. In the alarm state the opto is off. The analog equivalent to this is a switch. In the alarm condition, the switch is open. In the normal condition, the switch is closed.

2. Question: Are oring diodes incorporated into the TL power system for redundant operation?

Answer: Each power module has MOSFET circuitry installed internally that supports redundant operation of multiple power modules.

3. Question: Which way does the airflow go?

Answer: Air enters from the bottom & exits through the top of the unit

4. Question: Who makes the connector?

Answer: Available from FCI (

5. Question: Do I have to use the Lambda TLR racking system?

Answer: No we have many customers designing their own racks (contact factory for assistance)

6. Question: Is the unit power factor corrected?

Answer: Yes, the TL has active power factor correction

7. Question: I want to use the I2C communications, how do I do this?

Answer: Lambda sells a kit (T2CK) that connects from the parallel port of a pc to the individual TL or TL rack

8. Question: Do you have other output voltages?

Answer: Yes, new models are developed monthly, please contact factory

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