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PFH500F Series


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Download more technical files

Evaluation Boards

PFH05W-001-EVK-S0 - PFH500F Eval kit, no module included

PFH05W28-100-EVK-S1 - PFH500F-28-x0x Eval kit (Non-droop mode))

PFH05W28-1D0-EVK-S1 - PFH500F-28-xDx Eval kit, (Droop mode)


HS00110 - Heatsink with thermal pad

AR00719 - Inrush resistor / thermal fuse

500W AC-DC Power Modules

  • 4 x 2.4" Size With Metal Case
  • 28V output (12V and 48V to follow)
  • Suitable for Conduction Cooling
  • High Efficiency
  • Droop Load Share (optional)
  • PMBus™ Communication
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TDK-Lambda Americas PFH500 Power Supply from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.