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MC/MZ12 Series

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SeriesObsolete Model #Replacement Model #
MC MC1206 RSEN-2006
MC1206DIN RSEN-2006D
MC1206L RSEN-2006L
MC1210 RSEN-2010
MC1210DIN RSEN-2010D
MC1210L RSEN-2010L
MC1216 RSEN-2016
MC1216DIN RSEN-2016D
MC1216L RSEN-2016L
MC1220 RSEN-2020
MC1220DIN RSEN-2020D
MC1220L RSEN-2020L
MC1230 RSEN-2030
MC1230DIN RSEN-2030D
MC1230L RSEN-2030L
MC1306 RTEN-5006
MC1306DIN RTEN-5006D
MC1310 RTEN-5010
MC1310DIN RTEN-5010D
MC1320 RTEN-5020
MC1320DIN RTEN-5020D
MC1330 RTEN-5030
MC1330DIN RTEN-5030D
MZ MZ1206 RSAN-2006
MZ1206DIN RSAN-2006D
MZ1206L RSAN-2006L
MZ1210 RSAN-2010
MZ1210DIN RSAN-2010D
MZ1210L RSAN-2010L
MZ1216 RSAN-2016
MZ1216DIN RSAN-2016D
MZ1216L RSAN-2016L
MZ1220 RSAN-2020
MZ1220DIN RSAN-2020D
MZ1220L RSAN-2020L
MZ1230 RSAN-2030
MZ1230DIN RSAN-2030D
MZ1230L RSAN-2030L
MZS MZS-1206-33 RSAN-2006
MZS-1210-33 RSAN-2010
MZS-1215-33 RSAN-2016
MZS-1220-33 RSAN-2020

6A to 30A, 250VAC EMI Filters

Last time buy June 1, 2014
  • Low Leakage Current Versions
  • Chassis or DIN Rail mount
  • Safety Agency Approved
  • High Pulse or Noise Attenuation Versions
  • Easy Connection and Installation
  • RoHS Compliant


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