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DIN Rail Mounting Brackets


25-200W, 3.3-48V, up to 40A, Low Cost

  • Very low cost
  • Small size
  • 115VAC or 230VAC input
  • Withstands 300VAC surges (5s)
  • Five year warranty

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Feedback from our customers

TDK-Lambda's LS Series Power Supplies Road-Test Comments (Feb-July 2010)

  • "I have tried others more expensive (power supplies), with worst quality"
  • "The supply works with no problem".
  • "Excellent housing and heatsink, strong and easy to mount. Good cooling"
  • "Good quality components (Rubycon MXG and YXH capacitors...)"
  • "Good power supply at a fair price"
  • "After more than 1 month from the first power-on:
    • stable voltage
    • no excessive heat
    • no problems after short-circuits
    • no problems after long no-load time
    • "A good, reliable power source"
  • "Firstly -- it's small. Real small. But despite this, there's plenty of space between the internal components to allow heat to dissipate. Lambda has obviously put some care and attention into the positioning of heat-generating parts: the AC filter capacitor, for instance, is placed before what appears to be the chopper transistor in the airflow path. Good plan -- the capacitor will be running fairly cool compared to the transistor so the overall effect is to cool both of them instead of cooling one and warming the other."
  • "Build quality overall screams "built to last".
  • "This unit has a nice solid feel to it and is well built"
  • "This psu has turned out to be quite a hardy little beast!"