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Catalog Product Pages From 1948 and Legacy Product Chart

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This page has two purposes. First, it provides a map from obsolete products to their current counterparts. Second, it links to old catalog data allowing you to access specifications from our long history. We'll provide both obsolete products and current models.

You can locate your product by series name. Highlighted catalog names link to PDFs of old catalog spec sheets. These pages are from North American catalogs unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-LAMBDA-4 for assistance.

Chart codes:

  • (J) = a Densei/Japan catalog page*
  • (UK) = a Coutant/UK catalog page*
  • n/a = historical catalog page is not available in PDF

*Consult Factory Products are subject to change by region. Please contact regional sales office to verify the specific details.