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iJA, iJB, IJC Series

 iJB IJB Shown

iJA (35A)
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iJB (60A)
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iJC (100A)
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Download more technical files

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iJA from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.

iJB12 from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.

TDK-L iJB FAQ (benefits)


TDK-L iJB FAQ (evalution board)

TDK-L iJB FAQ (advanced control)

Non-Isolated 12V Input POLs with PMBus

Obsolete, last time buy date was 16 September 2019

  • Very Compact Sizes
    • 35A <0.5sq"
    • 60A <1 sq"
    • 100A <1.5sq"
  • 8-14VDC Input
  • High Current Outputs
    • 35, 60A and 100A
  • Surface Mount
  • Digital adaptive control
  • Parallel Operation with Current Share
  • PMBus read & write compliant
  • Configurable Sequence & Fault Management

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