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DPX Series

dpx series

DPX40 & DPX60
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Download more technical files

Single, Dual & Triple Output 40W to 60W DIN Mount DC-DC Converters

  • DIN Rail Mount Version of TDK-Lambda's PX Series
  • 1600VDC Input to Output Isolation
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Internally Protected
Other Solutions
  • DRB / DRF 10W to 480W High Efficiency
  • DPP / DSP 10W to 960W, 5V to 48V power supplies
  • DLP 75W to 240W, 24V power supplies
  • DLP-PU Redundancy Module (20A)
  • R Series 6A to 30A, single and three phase EMI filters
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