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RF Amplifiers / Satellite Comms

Thm Cpfe Thumb
CPFE Series
500-1000W Single Output Conduction Cooled Power Supplies
  • Universal Input
  • MIL STD 461/462D CE102 EMC
  • Baseplate cooled, no fan required
  • I2C Interface
  • High Efficiency
  • Conformal coated
FPS Series
1000W Front End Power Supplies
  • 1U high
  • Up to 3000W (3 units) in 19" rack
  • Hotswap capable (ORing diodes built in)
  • Low Cost
  • PoE Option
HFE Series
1600W & 2500W 1U Front End Power Supplies
  • 1U rackmount containing up to 5 units
  • Internal ORing MOSFET & Current Share
  • High Efficiency
  • Up to 10,000W in 1U rack
PFE Series
300 to 1000W AC-DC Power Modules
  • Low profile, small size
  • 100°C baseplate temperature
  • High power density
  • High Efficiency
  • MIL STD Shock & Vibration - Yes
  • Cold Start -40°C
PAF Series
24V-48V Input Full Brick DC/DC Converters
  • 12V output for driving non-isolated converters
  • Safety Approved
  • Up to 80A output current
  • Full power at 100°C baseplate
  • Opto Isolated Remote On / Off
  • Wide Adjustable Output Range
PAH300/350/450 Series
300W to 450W Half Brick Industry Standard DC-DC Converters
  • 12V and 28V nominal output voltages
  • Wide range adjustment
  • 24V and 48VDC nominal inputs available
  • Industry standard footprint
  • Baseplate construction for power amplifiers
  • 12V for driving non isolated converters
  • Operation to 100°C baseplate

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