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CC-E & CC-P-E Series

cc series

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Ultra Compact, 1.5W to 30W Single and Dual DC-DC Converters

  • Compact Footprint / Low Profile
  • Through hole or SMT
  • 5V, 12V, 24V & 48V Inputs
  • 3.3 to 30V Single, ±12 to 15V Dual Outputs
  • Output Voltage Adjustment
  • Input - Output Isolation
  • RoHS Compliant

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Model Number

The models below have a last time by of June 2018:

Model Replacement Part 1 Replacement Part 2 Pin compatible?
CC15-2403SF-E CCG15-2403S CC15-2403SFP-E No
CC15-2405SF-E CCG15-2405S CC15-2405SFP-E No
CC15-2403SR-E None CC15-2403SRP-E No
CC15-2405SR-E None CC15-2405SRP-E No
CC25-2403SF-E CCG30-2403S CC30-2403SFP-E No
CC25-2405SF-E CCG30-2405S CC30-2405SFP-E No
CC25-2403SR-E None CC30-2403SRP-E No
CC25-2405SR-E None CC30-2405SRP-E No

The models below have a last time by of March 2019:

Model Replacement Part Pin compatible?
CC15-4803Sxx-E CCG15-4803S No
CC15-4805Sxx-E CCG15-4805S No
CC15-4812Sxx-E CCG15-4812S No
CC15-4815Sxx-E CCG15-4815S No
CC30-4803Sxx-E CCG30-4803S No
CC30-4805Sxx-E CCG30-4805S No
CC30-4812Sxx-E CCG30-4812S No
CC30-4815Sxx-E CCG30-4815S No