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PR HeadlineProduct SeriesDate (MM/DD/YY)
Wide input and output range convection cooled DIN rail mount DC-DC converters deliver up to 250W per output DDA 3/23/20
Class I & II Medical and Industrial Power Supplies Deliver 600W in 3 x 5” Footprint CUS600M 2/18/20
3-Phase 4080W 24V Industrial Power Supply Operates From 400/440/480Vac Delta and Wye Inputs TPS4000-24 12/9/19
2000W Modular Power Supplies Have Full MoPPs Isolation, Low Acoustic Noise and up to 18 Outputs QMB 11/4/19
Active Technology 20A 40Vdc MIL-COTS EMC Filters Provide MIL-STD Voltage Surge and Spike Protection FQB 10/07/19
48V 480W DIN rail power supply features a narrow 84mm width and long field life DRB 10/02/19
20A 40Vdc MIL-COTS EMI Filters Simplify Compliance to MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-1275D and RTCA/DO-160G FQA 09/19/19
550 to 650W Modular Power Supplies Have Full MoPPs Isolation, Low Acoustic Noise and up to 10 Outputs QM4 06/25/19
250W Non-Isolated SIP DC-DC Converter Uses 60% Less PCB Area i6A4W 06/06/19
100W Medical / ITE Certified 2x4” Power Supplies Deliver 50W at 80°C Ambient when Conduction Cooled CUS100M 04/26/19
Low Loss 20A to 40A DIN Rail Mount Redundancy Module Assists Load Current Balancing DRM 04/16/19
95% Efficient 960W DIN Rail Power Supply has a 1440W Peak Power Capability DRF 02/20/19
24V DIN rail power supply is certified to Class II and Class 2 standards DRL  02/15/19
Convection Cooled 600W Programmable Power Supplies Are Certified to Medical and Industrial Standards GXE600  01/23/19
Medical / ITE 250W Power Supplies Comply with DoE Level VI and EU Tier 2 v5 Standards DTM250-D  01/18/19
Compact, Conduction Cooled 504W Rated AC-DC Power Modules Offer PMBus™ Communication PFH500F-28   01/07/19
Class II, Level VI External 110W Rated Power Supplies have Home Medical and ITE Safety Certifications DTM110-C8  12/18/18
93% Efficient 120W and 240W DIN Rail Power Supplies have Narrow Width and Long Field Life DRB  12/13/18
1000W and 1500W Power Supplies Have Optional 5V Standby Outputs RWS1000B and RWS1500B  11/27/18
Low Acoustic Noise 1500W Medical & ITE Power Supplies Meet Class B Conducted and Radiated EMI CUS1500M 11/05/18
Dual Output 15W and 30W 1 inch by 1 inch DC-DC Converters Have 4:1 Input Range  CCG 10/25/18
Single Output 600 to 1200W Power Supplies Have Full MoPPs Isolation, Low Acoustic Noise and PMBus™ Communication QS 08/23/18
1200 to 1500W Modular Power Supplies Have Full MoPPs Isolation, Low Acoustic Noise and up to 18 Outputs QM8 08/06/18
40 to 65W Medical External Power Supplies are Compliant to DoE Level VI and EU Tier 2 v5 Efficiency Standards DTM65-D 06/15/18
Compact 6A to 30A 250V EMC filters are easy to install RSEV 03/20/18
Conduction / convection cooled power supplies with a low 31mm height have up to 206W peak loading CUS200LD 02/28/18
Medical / ITE Certified 2x4” Power Supplies Provide Optimum Performance up to 85°C Ambient Temperatures CUS150M 01/25/18
Robot Controller Power Supply Has EN62477-1 OVC III Certification ZWS 01/17/18
Wide range output, 1/32nd footprint converters operate from a 9 to 53Vdc Input i3A 01/08/18
Class I and II 500W Configurable Medical Power Supplies Require Low Airflow and are Curve B EMI Compliant XMS 12/18/17
30W & 60W Medical / ITE 2x3” Class I & II Power Supplies Meet Curve B Radiated and Conducted Emissions CUS30M and CUS60M 12/13/17
40-65W Industrial Power Supplies Accept 115/230/277Vac Nominal Inputs CSW65 11/29/17
7-Year Warranty 1000W and 1500W Power Supplies Receive Medical Safety Certifications RWSB 11/16/17
Rack Mount Hot Swap Power Supplies Now Available With Optional LAN Interface Modules HFE 10/13/17
2W and 4W Board Mount Power Supplies Operate from a 90 to 305Vac Input KAS  09/14/17
700 to 1200W Modular Power Supplies Have BF Ready Isolation and Low Acoustic Noise QM5  08/23/17
120W Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters have Four Package Styles for Industrial Applications GQA  08/17/17
700 to 1500W Modular Power Supply Series has PMBus™ Communications Interface QM  07/19/17
1000W and 1500W Industrial Power Supplies have 7-Year Warranty RWS1000B and RWS1500B  07/06/17
40-65W 2 x 4” Medical and ITE Power Supplies Have Very Low Off-load Power Consumption CSS65A 06/27/17
3200W 3-phase Delta or Wye AC Input Industrial Power Supply Series Extended with 48V Model TPS 06/01/17
Medical 2 x 4” 35W Triple Output Power Supplies Require No Minimum Loading
CUT35 5/8/17
300W Models Added to 200 - 425VDC Input DC-DC Converter Series
PH-A280  3/14/17
Harsh Environment and COTS DC-DC Converter Series Extended with 85W Models
HQA85 2/24/17
100A POL Converter has PMBus™ Communication
iJC 2/1/17
300W External Power Supplies Have Class I or II Inputs and Level VI Efficiency
DTM300-D  1/3/17
Low Profile Power Supplies Require Less Space on DIN Rail
DRL 12/20/16
Compact 480W DIN Rail Power Supply is 93% Efficient
DRB480-24-1 12/20/16
7-Year Warranty 1500W Modular Power Supply has Full MoPPs isolation and Lowest Acoustical Noise
QM7 11/9/16
3200W Industrial Power Supply Has 400/440/480V 3-Phase Delta or Wye AC Input
TPS3000-24 11/1/16
2500W 1U High Industrial Power Supplies Have PMBus™ Communications
RFE2500 10/14/16
Wide input Range 15W DC-DC Converters Have Six-Sided Shielding
CCG15S 9/1/16
Board Mount 15W to 60W AC-DC Power Supplies Have Medical and ITE Certifications
KMS-A 7/27/16
300-600W Constant Current Power Supplies are Suitable for Charging Energy Storage Systems
EVS 7/12/16
High Performance Quarter Bricks Target COTS and Harsh Environment Applications
HQA 120 6/27/16
250W Medical and ITE 3x5” Footprint Power Supplies are 94% Efficient
CUS200M 6/13/16
1000W AC-DC Baseplate Cooled Power Modules Have Improved Efficiencies PFE1000FA 6/7/16
Non-isolated DC-DC Converter Series Extended With 20A Models i6A4W 5/3/16
Non-isolated Wide Range DC-DC Converters Provide Negative Outputs  i6AN 4/7/16
Power Supply Manufacturer joins the System Management Interface Forum and becomes a PMBus™ adopter PMBus™  3/15/16
Board Mount AC-DC Power Supplies have Wide Operating Temperature Range KWS-A 3/1/16
Medical External Power Supplies Have Class II Input and Level VI Efficiency DTM65-C8 2/9/16
CUS350M Power Supply Series Named One of the 2015 Hot 100 Products by EDN CUS350M 2/3/16
100W to 150W Adapter Power Supplies Meet DoE Level VI Efficiency Standards DT100D & DT150D 1/21/16
DIN Rail Power Supplies Are Suitable for Use in Hazardous Locations DRF/HL 1/6/16
Compact 10A EMC Filter is suitable for use with DC-DC Converters iDQ 12/23/15
Quarter Brick DC-DC Converter Series Extended with New 504W Models iQG 12/16/15
40A Surface Mount DC-DC Converter has a Low 10.2mm Profile iAH 12/8/15
20A POL DC-DC Converter Operates from a 3.5V to 14V Bus Voltage iBH 11/30/15
35A POL Converter has PMBus™ Communication iJA35A 11/21/15
Wide Input Range 250W DC-DC Converters Provide 3.3V to 24V Output i6A 11/17/15
12A POL DC-DC Converter Operates from 5V and 12V Bus Voltages iCH 10/28/15
65W to 80W Adapter Power Supplies Comply With Level VI Efficiency Standards DT62D & DT80D 10/6/15
Conduction Cooled 1000W Power Supplies Feature 60% Size Reduction CPFE1000FI 10/6/15
350W Medical & ITE Certified Power Supplies are Convection Cooled CUS350M 9/18/15
3W to 10W DIP-24 DC-DC Converters Have Medical Certification PXC-M 8/18/15
200 - 425VDC Input DC-DC Converter Series Extended With Additional Output Voltages PH-A280 7/23/15
30W 1 inch by 1 inch DC-DC Converters Have 4:1 Input Range CCG30G 6/22/15
165W Adapter Power Supplies Have Medical Certification DTM165 5/18/15
Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for use with Energy Storage Battery Systems EZA2500 4/20/15
600W High Voltage Models Finalize Extensive Z+ Series of Programmable Power Supplies Z+ 3/31/15
Low Profile 3 x 5” 75W Triple Output Power Supplies CUT75 2/24/15
Medical 100W 2x4" Power Supplies Have Long Capacitor Life ZMS100 1/29/15
Full Featured 120 to 480W DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies DRF 12/12/14
Programmable Power Supply Series Extends to 800W 650V Output Z+ 11/18/14
RDEN DC Input EMC Filter is Rated at 50A RDEN 9/25/14
300W 1/8th Brick DC-DC Converter has Digital Control iEH 8/31/14
50W Power Supplies Added to Five Year Warranty RWS-B Series RWS-B 7/30/14
Programmable Power Supply Series Extends to 650V Output Z+ 6/19/14
Intelligent Auto-Tuning 60A POL Converter has PMBus Communication iJB 5/21/14
100W to 600W Power Supply Series has Five Year Warranty RWS-B 4/25/14
Low Voltage Models Added to ZWS300BAF Series ZWS300BAF 4/1/14
Higher Efficiency AC-DC Full-Brick Power Modules Have a Five Year Warranty PFE-SA 3/4/14
HWS-A offers significant performance improvements to established HWS HWS-A 2/17/14
Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters have a 200-425VDC Input PH-A280 1/27/14
High Efficiency DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies Feature Compact Sizes DRB15-100 12/19/13
New 1U Power Supply Rack Offers Dual 3kW Outputs HFE1600 11/18/13
Compact Low Voltage Power Supplies GWS500 8/29/13
New 50-Watt DC-DC Converters are Ideal for Railway and 24V Vehicle Applications CN50A24 7/22/13
New 250W Convection-Cooled Power Supply Features
Low Profile, High Efficiency and Wide AC Input Range
CUS250 6/11/13
Ultra Compact 800-Watt Programmable Power Supply
Features Advanced Digital Controls
Z+ 5/8/13
New 400W Quarter Brick Converters Feature 95%
Efficiency in Standard DOSA Footprint
iQG 4/2/13
New 1600 Watt Power Supply Features 92% Efficiency
with Digital Controls
RFE1600 3/19/13
TDK-Lambda Unveils Convection Cooled & Compact 300-Watt Power Supplies ZWS300BAF 2/5/13
TDK-Lambda Expands 1.6kW Series of Front End Power Supplies with 32V Model HFE1600 1/15/13
TDK-Lambda's HWS-L/BAT Power Supplies Named One of the "Hot Products of 2012" by EDN HWS1000L-BAT 12/13/12
TDK-Lambda Unveils ITE Certified 10 to 30-watt Switchers with Narrow 2-inch Width ZWS10-30B 12/5/12
TDK-Lambda Expands the Z+ Series of Programmable DC Power Supplies Z+ 11/14/12
TDK-Lambda Unveils 600W & 1000W Power Supplies for Charging Secondary Batteries HWS1000L-BAT 10/2/12
TDK-Lambda Unveils Compact 150 & 240 Watt Power Supplies with up to 200% Peak Power ZWS-BP 9/5/12
TDK-Lambda introduces the Z+ Series Programmable DC Power Supplies Z+ 8/12/12
TDK-Lambda iPhone and Android Apps Provide Quick and Easy Mobile Access to Library of Power Supply Tech Terms Phone App 7/11/12
TDK-Lambda Digitally-Controlled 300-400W Medical Power Supplies Meet UL60601-1 3rd Edition CFE400M 6/20/12
TDK-Lambda 2500 Watt Server Power Supply Achieves 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency HFE2500 5/30/12
New 2.5kW Front-End Power Supplies for Hot-Swap and Redundant Power Systems HFE2500 4/10/12
TDK-Lambda Announces 2nd Gen DOSA SMT 3A to 20A PoL Converters 2nd Gen. DOSA 3/5/12
Green 500W Power Supplies Introduced by TDK-Lambda GWS500 2/2/12
Conduction-Cooled 1000 Watt Power Supplies Feature I2C Bus Communications CPFE1000 1/9/12
TDK-Lambda Releases Medical & ITE-Certified 65-Watt Switcher in 2 x 4-inch Footprint MWS65 12/5/11
New Splash Proof 60-100W LED Drivers/Supplies For Lighting & Display Applications AL60-100 11/2/11
TDK-Lambda Releases Medical-Certified 90-110 Watt External Power Supplies DTM110-C 10/4/11
100 Watt Railway Quarter Brick Modules Unveiled by TDK-Lambda CN100A24 9/13/11
Digital 300-400W Supplies with 5 Year Warranty Meet Medical and ITE Safety Specs EFE 8/4/11
Green 250W Power Supplies Introduced by TDK-Lambda GWS250 7/12/11
TDK-Lambda Launches Smart Phone App for Selecting Power Supplies Phone App 6/1/11
TDK-Lambda Unveils 50 and 75-Watt Power Supplies with 10 Year Life ZWS50-75BAF 5/9/11
New Driver Powers Up to Six Strings of LEDs for Backlighting LCD Displays ALD6 4/11/11
New 100 Watt Open-Frame Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda ZPSA100 3/22/11
TDK-Lambda Releases New Power Products Catalog for 2011 -- 2/18/11
TDK-Lambda Releases 500W Power Supplies for Medical & Industrial Applications CSS500 1/24/11
DIN-Rail Mount 40-60W DC-DC Converters Operate with 12V, 24V and 48V Inputs DPX 1/5/11
Digitally Controlled 400-Watt Power Supplies Meet Medical and ITE Safety Specs EFE400M 12/20/10
New 1600 Watt Front-End Power Supplies for Hot-Plug and Redundant Power Systems HFE1600 12/6/10
TDK-Lambda Unveils Compact PCB-Mount 100 and 150-Watt Power Supplies ZWS-BAF 100-150W 11/9/10
Low-Cost 200W Power Supplies Launched by TDK-Lambda LS200 10/26/10
Baseplate-Cooled 500W AC-DC Power Supplies Unveiled by TDK-Lambda CPFE 10/11/10
TDK-Lambda Releases Medical-Certified 40-65 Watt External Power Supplies DTM65-C 9/27/10
30 to 200 Watt Railway Quarter & Half Brick Modules Unveiled by TDK-Lambda CN-A 9/13/10
TDK-Lambda Unveils 62 & 80 Watt Energy Saving External Power Supplies DT80-C 8/27/10
TDK-Lambda Unveils New 48V at 1500W Industrial and COTS Power Supply LZSA1000 8/3/10
Multi-Output Backlight LED Drivers for LCD Displays Launched by TDK-Lambda ALD 7/13/10
TDK-Lambda Releases 30W, 100-277VAC Input, DIN Rail Power Supply DSP 6/18/10
TDK-Lambda Announces Programmable LED Drivers for Lighting Applications LEDC10 5/18/10
New Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Approved for BF Type Medical Applications NVM175 5/5/10
TDK-Lambda Unveils Compact 100W to 150W Medical & ITE Safety Certified Power Supplies CSS150 4/6/10
Railway Quarter-Brick Modules Announced by TDK-Lambda CN 3/8/10
External Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Meet Tough Energy Efficiency Standards DT-C 2/10/10
TDK-Lambda Launches Low Profile, Isolated 15W & 30W Converters with Parallel Function CC-P-E 1/26/10
TDK-Lambda Powers Giant HDTV Stadium Screens ZWS 1/19/10
TDK-Lambda Launches 1kW Low-Profile Power Supplies RFE 12/15/09
TDK-Lambda Introduces Fully Shielded 30-Watt Converters With 4:1 Input Range PXD30W 11/19/09
TDK-Lambda Launches LED Power Supplies For Lighting & Display Applications LD12 10/19/09
TDK-Lambda Introduces DIN Rail Power Supplies that Operate with 3-Phase AC Inputs DPP 9/17/09
TDK-Lambda's 100-150W External Power Supplies Meet New Energy Efficiency Standards DT-C 8/18/09
TDK-Lambda Packs 15W into 1 x 1 Inch DC-DC Converter PXA, PXB 7/21/09
TDK-Lambda Expands Quarter Brick Line iQG, iQL 6/16/09
TDK-Lambda Releases 7-Amp POL Converter in Tiny SIP Package iBD 5/18/09
New Low Cost 25W and 35W Enclosed Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda LS 4/14/09
TDK-Lambda Introduces 40 to 65W AC-DC Medical Power Supplies CSS65 3/10/09
New Broad Range of EMI Filters From TDK-Lambda R 2/10/09
New Digitally Controlled Power Supplies Meet Medical Specs EFE 1/14/09

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Low Loss 20A to 40A DIN Rail Mount Redundancy Module Assists Load Current Balancing