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This web site contains details about products currently or previously manufactured by the TDK-Lambda Americas High Power Division, which includes the following companies:

Lambda EMI, Inc
EMI Electronic Measurements Inc.
NJE or New Jersey Electronics (obsolete)
ALE Systems or Applied Laser Electronics

If you do not see the product you are searching for listed in the menu on the left of this page it may be obsolete, in which case you can find details on our legacy product page at or click the legacy product link. You can also try the drop down menu on the left which will link to any product page or data available.

If you still cannot find the product you are looking for, it could be manufactured by our TDK-Lambda Americas Low Power sister division, previously know as Lambda Electronics. You can find more details from the TDK-Lambda Americas Low Power web site at or click the TDK-Lambda Americas Low Power link above.

If you still cannot find the product you are looking for then complete our information request form and we'll do our best to help.

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