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• Single-phase 230VAC 85-265VAC input (47/63Hz) or three-phase 208VAC input (47/63Hz)
• Active PFC for single-phase and three-phase AC input
• Built-In RS-232/RS-485 interfaces
• Multi-Drop (RS-485) Slave Interface (31 units)
• Last-Setting Memory
• High Resolution 16 bit ADC’s and DAC’s
• Continuous Encoders for Voltage and Current Adjustment
• Parallel Operation with Active Current Sharing and Current Sum
• Built-In +5V and +15V Auxiliary Outputs
• Independent Remote ON/OFF (Enable/Disable)
• Remote Analog Programming (V/I) and Monitoring (V/I)
• Modular and SMT design
• 19” rack-mounted
• Optional built-in LXI compliant LAN interface
• Optional built-in IEEE (488.2/SCI) interface
• Optional built-in Isolated Analog (5V/10V) interface
• Software Drivers (LabView/LabWindows)
• Worldwide Safety Agency approvals
• CE Mark for LVD and EMC regulation
• Five Year Warranty


GENH-1U (750W)
GEN-1U (750W/1.5kW)
GEN-2U (3.3kW)
GEN-2U (5.0kW)
GEN-3U (10kW)
GEN-3U (15kW)

GenesysPLUS Logo - 1U (1.7kW)
GenesysPLUS Logo - 1U (5kW)

ESS (10kW/15kW)
EMHP (15kW-90kW)

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Genesys™ 1U 2.4kW Programmable DC Power Supply
Outputs from 8V (@300A) to 600V (@4A)
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Product Overview and Models

The Genesys™ 1U Full-Rack (GEN-1U) series of 2400W DC Programmable Power Supplies provides high power density (up to 2400W) with a complete set of user-friendly interfaces within a 1U (1.75”) profile.

This series offers Output voltages from 8V (@ 300A) to 600V (@ 4.0A) in both Single-phase 230VAC Input (175-265VAC, 47-63Hz) with Active Power-Factor Correction (0.99 @ rated load) and Three-phase 208VAC Input (175-265VAC, 47-63Hz) with Active Power-Factor Correction (0.94 @ rated load) and two Auxiliary Outputs (15.0V @ 0.2A and 5.0V @ 0.2A) for use with Remote Analog Control/Status.

Multiple remote programming methods are available including the built-in Remote Analog Program/Monitor and Remote Digital Serial Communication (RS-232/RS-485) Interfaces along with the optional LXI certified LAN, IEEE (IEEE 488.2 & SCPI compliant) and Isolated Analog (5V/10V and 4-20mA) Interfaces.

All models are CE Marked in accordance with the Low Voltage and EMC Directives, are RoHS compliant, have worldwide Safety Agency approvals (UL/cUL 60950-1 and EN 60950-1 listed) and offer a five (5) year Warranty.

Model Number




Voltage Ripple
Ripple & Noise
mV p-p



GEN 8-300 2400 0-8 0-300 8 60 84
GEN 10-240 2400 0-10 0-240 8 60 84
GEN 16-150 2400 0-16 0-150 8 60 86
GEN 20-120 2400 0-20 0-120 8 60 86
GEN 30-80 2400 0-30 0-80 8 60 88
GEN 40-60 2400 0-40 0-60 8 60 88
GEN 60-40 2400 0-60 0-40 8 60 88
GEN 80-30 2400 0-80 0-30 8 80 88
GEN 100-24 2400 0-100 0-24 8 80 88
GEN 150-16 2400 0-150 0-16 25 100 88
GEN 300-8 2400 0-300 0-8 50 200 88
GEN 600-4 2400 0-600 0-4 75 300 87


Ordering Information






Factory Options


AC Input


60 - 40 - LAN - 1P230
          IEMD   3P208

The Genesys™ Full-Rack (GEN-1U) series of DC Programmable Power Supplies provides high power density (up to 2400W) with a complete set of user-friendly interfaces within a 1U full-rack profile. It offers Output voltages from 8V (@ 300A) to 600V (@ 4.0A) and AC input voltages of single-phase 230VAC (170-265VAC, 47/63Hz) and three-phase 208VAC (170-265VAC, 47/63Hz), each configured with Active Power-Factor Correction (0.99 @ rated load for single-phase 230VAC input; 0.94 @ rated load for three-phase 208VAC input).

These units can operate in either Constant-Current (CC) or Constant-Voltage (CV) mode with a user-friendly front panel interface (continuous encoders for FINE and COARSE adjustment and four-digit LED Voltage and Current meters) and provide safety features such as Safe/Auto Re-Start, Last Setting Memory and built-in protective functions (OVP, UVL, Current FOLDback, OTP and AC Low-Line). In addition, these models include two auxiliary Outputs (+5V Output @ 0.2A and +15V Output @ 0.2A) to simplify the setup of customer power supply control.

Multiple remote programming/monitor/control methods are available including the built-in J1 Remote Analog and the RS232/RS485 Multi-Drop Remote Digital Interface (where up to 31 units may be controlled). Other Optional Remote Digital Interfaces (LAN, IEEE and USB) and Isolated Analog (5V/10V and 4-20mA) Interfaces are optional and factory installed (one per power supply). Instrument Software Drivers (NI LabView and NI LabWindows™) are also available.

Higher power systems can be configured using the Master/Slave “Advanced” Parallel operating mode which configures the Master unit to be the single –point for programming, measurement and status of the total current of the paralleled system. Thus, four units can operate as a single 9.6kW power supply, increasing the flexibility for system designers.

All models are CE Marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive (RoHS compliant), have worldwide Safety Angency approvals (UL/cUL 60950-1 and EN 60950-1 listed)and offer a five (5) year Warranty.

For more information about the Genesys™ AC/DC Programmable Power Supply Series, contact the TDK-Lambda Americas High Power Division directly at +1-732-922-9300 or online at -, or contact your local Sales representative (

A wide range of other TDK-Lambda High Power Division Low Voltage and High Voltage power supplies can be viewed from the website:


AC Input
Single-phase 230VAC (47-63Hz) or
Three-Phase 208VAC (47-63Hz) with Active PFC
AC Line Current (230VAC/208VAC):
Single-Phase 230VAC: 17.3A, PF = 0.99
Three-phase 208VAC: 10.5A, PF = 0.94

Output Characteristics
Line Regulation (CV): 0.01% of Vor + 2mV
Load Regulation (CC): 0.01% of Ior + 2mA
Line Regulation (CV): 0.015% of Vor + 5mV
Load Regulation (CC): 0.02% of Ior + 5mA

Protective Features
Adjustable OVP, UVL
Adjustable Current FOLDback
Over-Temperature, AC-Fail
Last Setting Memory, Front Panel Lock

Front Panel
RS-232/RS-485 Digital via DIP-switch setting
0-5V/0-10V Analog via DIP-switch setting

Dimensions: 19” (W) x 1.75” (H) x 17.32” (D)
Weight/Mass: 22lbs/10kg

Auxiliary Outputs
+5V @ 0.2A (ref. to IF_COM)
+15V @ 0.2A (ref. to -Vout)

Interface Options
(factory installed, embedded)
• LAN: LXI certified (Class C)
• IEMD: IEEE 488.2 & SCPI compliant
• Isolated Analog Program/Monitor
o IS510: 0-5V & 0-10V (user-selectable)
o IS420: 4-20mA

All specifications subject to change without notice.
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