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• Compact size and light weight
• High precision, low ripple outputs
• Short-circuit and flashover proof
• Continuous operation at full rated power
• Ten turn potentiometers for Voltage and Current Adjustment
• 4½ digit DVM voltage/current displays
• Adjustable front panel OVP control
• 19" Rack mounted
• Optional built-in interfaces:
Analog, Isolated Analog, IEEE, LAN, USB, RS232, RS422, Optical RS232, Optical RS422, Profibus
• Optional electronic polarity reversal up to 35kV, manual reversal at 65kV
• CE Mark for LVD and EMC Regulations
• Three Year Warranty

Optional Features

• INT: Interlock terminals
• I5/V5: 5½ digit diplays on either current or voltage channels
• VI5: 5½ digit diplays on both current and voltage channels
• FPI: Coarse/Fine current potentiometers
• FPV: Coarse/Fine voltage potentiometers
• LR: Output ripple < 0.001% peak to peak
• LRVS: Output ripple & voltage stability < 0.001% peak to peak
• 50V: Indicates HV output <50V
• OCP: Overcurrent trip
• PR: Power regulation
• IS: Current stability < ±0.001% over 8 hours
• VS: Voltage stability < ±0.001% over 8 hours
• VIS: V/I stability < ±0.001% over 8 hours
• LN: Temperature controlled fan
• LRVIS: Ripple & V/I stability
< ±0.001% over 8 hours

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PHV Precision High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supply
Outputs from 125V to 300kV, Power from 14W to 15kW
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