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• Turnkey Integrated Systems
• 100% Modular/Scalable Design
• Compact Mechanical Layout
• Low Ripple
• Low Stored Energy
• High Efficiency
• Excellent Power Factor
• Water-cooled
• Zero oil design
• Local & Remote Controls

• Microwave Beam Power
- Magnetron
- Gyroton
- Klystron
• Radar Systems
• Raw HVDC Power
• High Power Amplifiers
• Precipitators
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Compact High Voltage Power Solutions. 1-50 kV, 60kW to 1MW
Compact 300kW High Voltage  Power System

ALE's Compact Turn-key High Voltage Power Solutions, build on over 20 years of successfully designing and delivering multi-kilowatt DC power systems to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

Our modular and scalable design approach uses multiple standard ALE 303 series 50kW power modules to deliver raw high voltage DC power for the system. The outputs of each 303 power module are combined using a simple Junction box which can also accommodate any necessary output filtering and voltage/current feedback required. The complete system and individual power module outputs are centrally controlled by a Master Controller which offers both local and remote user interfaces.

The Master Controller generates all control signals required by each of the 303S power modules, and enables both local or remote user control of the system output voltage and current. The use of a multi-phase variable frequency control technique, results in low output voltage ripple without the need for large output energy storage filter capacitors. The controller interfaces to each 303 power module (or bank of 303 power modules), and to the Junction Box to provide system output voltage and current feedback, and operating status.

Each Power Module comprises a single model 303S water-cooled power supply. The 303S is a proven 50kW rated DC power supply which can be offered with any output voltage between 1kV and 50kV. The total number of 303S modules required in the system is determined by the overall power requirements, with one module for every 50kW of power (one per 40kW with 400VAC input). Since the overall design is 100% scalable, there is no theoretical limit to the number of 303 supplies that can be connected in parallel, and hence very high power ultra compact systems can be built using standard modules.

A Junction Box is used to combine the high voltage outputs from the individual power modules, and also serves to provide precision voltage and current feedback signals to the Master Controller. The Junction Box can also be used to house any filter or output protection components required. Filters can be as simple as a ripple reduction capacitor, or more complex multi-stage LC filter when ultra-low stored energy and ripple are required.

The modular design approach enables TDK-Lambda to offer Compact Turnkey power systems with average output powers from as little as 60kW, to over 1MW using the same basic proven building blocks. This enables rapid delivery at a cost effective price.

The image above shows an example of a 300kW power system comprising six power modules, a master controller, and junction box. Typical mechanical parameters are shown below. Contact Andy Tydeman (Tel +1-732-795-4149) at TDK-Lambda to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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Typical Specifications - Contact the factory to discuss specific requirements

Average Output Power
Dependent on system requirements. Models available from 60kW to over 1MW.

Standard Voltage Ranges
1, 1.5, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50kV.
Output voltage and current are continuously variable from 10 to 100% of rated.
Linear to within 1% of full scale.
Accuracy 1% of rated.
Custom Voltages available.

AC Input
480VAC 3phase standard
400VAC 3phase + N optional

Available as fixed Positive or Negative.
Optional floating return available.

Power Factor
Better than 0.92 at rated power and
nominal line.

Better than 85% at rated power and
nominal line.

1% standard, 0.1% optional

100 PPM per °C standard
10 PPM per °C optional

Stored Energy
Typical stored energy less than 50 Joules with 0.1% p-p ripple.

10J available depending on ripple.
Contact factory for other requirements.

0.1% p-p standard. 0.01% optional


Line and Load Regulation
0.1% Standard, 0.01% or less optional

Water-cooled - 2US GPM per 50kW. Max coolant temp 35°C, Min coolant temp 15°C

Ambient Temperature
Storage: -40 to +85°C
Operating:-20 to +45°C

90% Non-condensing

The power supply is protected against open circuits, short circuits, overloads and arcs.

Load Arc Response
Output current shutdown in less than 50uS.

Local Controls
Power ON/OFF Switch
HV ON/OFF Push Buttons

Local/Remote keyswitch
View Set Push Button

10-Turn Output Voltage Potentiometer
10-Turn Output Current Potentiometer
Adjustable Overvoltage trip point
Adjustable Overcurrent trip point
Digital Voltage and Current Displays
LED Status Indicators

Remote Control
Fully Isolated Analog Voltage and Current Programming and Readback.
Isolated digital HV ON/OFF & Inhibit Inputs
Isolated digital status readback/monitoring

Fully integrated turnkey rack mounted system with all cooling and control cables
Bare bones system for customer installation/integration
High stability output (10ppm/°C)
High accuracy (0.1% or 0.01%)
Low Output stored energy (10J or less)
Low Ripple (0.01% or better)
Custom LC output filter
Load/Line regulation better than 0.001%
Custom HV connectors
Floating HV return

Available as either a fully integrated rackmounted system, or as individual component modules.
Rack depth: 38.5" (978mm)
Rack width: 22.25" (565mm) per bay
Number of rack bays determined by total system power.

Master Controller:
4U (178mm) high
19" (483mm) wide rackmount chassis
17" (432mm) deep
Weight: 25lbs (11kg)

303S Power Module:
7U (311mm) high
19" (483mm) wide rackmount chassis
24" (610mm) deep
Weight: 300lbs (136kg)

Junction Box (example for 300kW system):
8U (356mm) high
19" (483mm) wide rackmount chassis
24" (610mm) deep
Weight: 50lbs (23kg)

300kW Example System (shown above)
68" (1727mm) high including casters
44.25" (1124mm) wide
38.5" (978mm) deep
Weight: Approx 2500lbs (1140kg)

Figures above are for a typical system, contact the factory to discuss specific requirements.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
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