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TDK-Lambda Americas announces the Genesys™ 1U now with Multi-Drop and Advanced Parallel Operation.

NEW Genesys™ Advanced Features

  • Advanced Parallel Operation - Standard Feature
  • Global Commands - Standard Feature
  • IEEE Multidrop Master - Optional Feature
  • Multidrop Slave - Optional Feature

These new features and options, standard in the GenesysTM 2U 3.3kW, are now available in the GENH Half Rack 750W and GEN Full Rack 750W and 1500W Series.

NEPTUNE, N.J. (May 2006) - TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. announces its world class GenesysTM 1U programmable DC power supply is now available with Multi-Drop and Advanced Parallel Operation These new features and options, standard in the GenesysTM 2U 3.3kW, are now available in the GENH Half Rack 750W and GEN Full Rack 750W and 1500W Series.

Advanced Parallel operation allows the user to set up to four power supplies to operate in parallel Master/Slave. The Master accepts commands for the total current being requested, controls the Slaves and reports total current being delivered by the group as if it were one power supply. Total current is displayed on the Master Front Panel or Master Analog Remote Monitor.

Global Commands and Single Byte Commands simplify programming and provide faster test sequence execution.

Before Global Commands, to address ten power supplies, the user would have to issue an address and PV 5.00 ten times, once for each of the ten supplies. With Global Commands, a single command, GPV 5.00, addresses all supplies on that bus.

Without Single Byte Commands, a command to Dump (6) Status Registers can take up to 300mS. With a Single Byte Command, it takes under 10mS. These features reduce bus traffic which allows more instruments on the same bus. This is extremely important as test systems grow larger.

Optional IEEE Multi-Drop (IEMD) Interface can provide significant cost savings by eliminating the need for a GPIB Interface in every power supply when used as a Master communicating with Multi-Drop Slaves (MD Option). The IEMD Master communicates with up to 30 RS-485 Multi-Drop Option equipped Slaves. In addition to saving interface hardware cost MD also saves multiple IEEE addresses, which can be very important in large test systems.

Optional Multi-Drop Slaves (MD), in addition to accepting commands from an IEMD Master over RS-485, have advanced capability when used in RS-485 mode even without an IEMD Master. The MD Option units provide enhanced RS-485 functionality such as the ability to generate Service Requests (SRQ) in Master/Slave Mode.

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