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DT-C, DT-D Series


DT62-80-C (50-80W)
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DT62-80-D (40-80W)
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DTM65-C (40-65W Medical)
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DTM65-D (40-65W Medical) Preliminary
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DTM65-C8 (40-65W Medical Class II)
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DT100-150-C (100-150W)
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DT100-150-D (100-150W)
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DTM110-C (90-110W Medical)
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DTM165-C (160-165W Medical)
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DTM300-D (300W Medical)
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Download more technical files

Download more technical files

40W to 300W Adapter / External power supplies

  • DoE, EISA and CEC Compliant (most models)
  • Compact package size
  • Single Outputs up to 54V
  • Wide Range Input
  • Medical or Industrial Certifications
  • Energy Efficiency Level V & VI models


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Model Number

Series Power Output



Application  Other Status
DT62/80C 50 - 80W 9 - 24V V Industrial Class I NRND Use DT62/80D
DT62/80D 40 - 80W 5 - 48V VI Industrial Class I Active
DTM65C 40 - 65W 5 - 48V V Medical Class I NRND Use DTM65D or C8
DTM65D 40 - 65W 5 - 48V VI Medical Class I Active
DTM65C8 40 - 65W 5 - 48V VI  Medical Class II Active
DT100/150C 100 - 150W 12 - 48 V Industrial  Class I NRND Use DT100/150D
DT100/150D 100 - 150W 12 - 48 VI Industrial  Class I Active
DTM110C 90 - 110W 12 - 24 V  Medical Class I Active
DTM165C 160 - 165W 12 - 48 V  Medical Class I Active
DTM300D 300W 12  - 54 VI Medical and Industrial Class I & II Active

* See datasheet for relevant models

NRND = Not Recommended for New Designs

DTM165-C from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.

DTM65-C8 from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.

TDK-Lambda Americas DTM300 Power Supply from TDK-Lambda on Vimeo.