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TDK-Lambda Americas and ALE Systems Deliver 1MJ/sec Capacitor Charging Power Supply

NEPTUNE, N.J. (September 1998) - TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. -Formerly Electronic Measurements Inc.- Announces the successful delivery of a 1MegaJoule per second (or 1MegaWatt) capacitor charging power system operating at 50kV. The system was designed and built by the company's High Voltage ALE division, and represents a significant milestone in ultra high power capacitor charging technology.

George Bees, Chief Technologist at TDK-Lambda Americas, said "The expertise of the ALE team in the design and development of ultra high power capacitor charging supplies is unsurpassed in the industry. A vast amount of effort has gone in to producing what we believe is the highest power switchmode capacitor charging supply in the world today."

The power system is based around the well proven ALE Model 303 supply which represents the state of the art in compact high power capacitor chargers. A total of thirty model 303 supplies are contained in the complete power system resulting, in a peak charging rate capability of 1.1MegaJoules per second. The use of a modular design topology allows future increase of the operating voltage to 75kV. The modular design is formed from 200kW building blocks which are connected in parallel, allowing power to be increased by the addition of further modules. Overall control of the output voltage, current, and charging waveform is achieved with an advanced system controller using a proprietary fiber optic interface, which gives the user status and feedback information, whilst offering maximum system flexibility.

TDK-Lambda Americas, head quartered in Neptune, N.J., is a designer and manufacturer of industrial power supplies used in semiconductor equipment, medical equipment and general industrial (burn-in and test) applications. Its products in low voltage high-power programmable power supplies cover the range 600 watts to 90 kilowatts, while its high-power high-voltage products, which carry the ALE brand, cover power levels from 500 watts to 50kilowatts and voltages from 1 kilovolt to 50 kilovolt.

TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. head quartered in Neptune, NJ is a world leader in standard power supply solutions such as AC-to-DC power supplies, converters and accessories. Lambda's products are found throughout the world, powering high-tech telecommunications, data communications, computing/electronics, office and industrial systems. Lambda is a unit of TDK Corporation (NYSE:TDK) a leading global electronics company.

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